About Us

In 2008 I was putting on my jewelry before performing at a city wide showcase event and I had several people asked me where I purchased my jewelry.  They were looking for something just like it, but could not find anything they liked.  I told them I design and make all my jewelry and they wanted to know if I would make something for them.

That was the start of Ballroom Jewels! Being a competitive dancer myself I know how important it is for the jewelry to be comfortable, lightweight and make the right statement. There are lots of pictures of Ballroom Jewels in action on my Facebook page so you can see how these designs look when competing. Stop by and take a look. http://www.facebook.com/Ballroom.Jewels

Now we specialize in jewelry designs created especially for dancers. This jewelry looks fantastic on the competition floor, the performance stage or on the social floor. 

We use Crystallized Elementstm by Swarovski in all of Ballroom Jewels designs.

Crystallized Swarovski Elementstm is the new product brand for Swarovski crystals launched in 2007. Products that are labeled with this brand guarantee the originality of Swarovski crystals used in creations of international fashion houses and designers

Many of the items that you will find on the site are neutral color and created with clear aurora boreales crystals.  If you need a special color to match your costume or dress, just let us know and we can custom design what you need.   Please look at the color collection for jewelry made with colored crystals. The items on the site are also standard size, and the approximate length and width are listed with each item so that you can determine if it will fit. If you need something bigger or smaller, that can be created by request for any of the designs that you see.  All of our jewelry is handmade in the USA.

We have now added an Economy line of jewelry!  For dancers on a budget, this line is not made with Swarovski crystal, but are stunning designs. The necklaces sets, bracelets and earrings add sparkle for all your performance needs.