Helpful information

Are you new to competition?

Are you looking for jewelry for your first competition?  Here are some tips for picking out the perfect set. 

If you haven't purchased your special dress yet and plan to rent for a while, pick out jewelry without any special color. Your new jewelry will work with most dresses you rent and you will get the most wear from your purchase. 

Don't forget that while the jewelry looks large for wearing to dinner, the competition floor is a stage.  The judges and audience will see you from a distance, so everything needs to be big to show up on the floor. When you try on your jewelry, step about 10 feet away from the mirror and then check the size. Too much is never enough in the ballroom world. :-)

If you have pierced ears it may seem strange to wear a clip earring, but these stay stable much better than a post and back while dancing.  They are not tight and shouldn't give you any problems, but be sure to read the tips and tricks below on wearing clip earrings.  If you really wish to have pierced style, let us know. Most earrings can be changed from clip to pierced. 

Clip Earring and dancing!

Don't use this tip if you have any allergies or problems with eyelash glue.

Use some eyelash glue on both side of the earrings that touch your ear.  Put a drop on each side and put the earring on your ear.  This should be done a least a half hour before you dance so that the glue has a chance to dry on your ear.

 If you have any latex allergies, please let us know. 

Best ways to care for your new jewelry

After a long day of competition your jewelry might be sweaty.  Remember to take it off and allow it to dry flat, don't worry about connecting it in the back. 

Don't spray your jewelry with perfume or hairspray.  The oils and alcohol in these products will cause the glue holding the stones to break down and it will dull the beautiful shine of your crystals. 

If your jewelry has started to dull, you can gently wash most of the jewelry.  If the jewelry has a rubberized backing you can gently wash it in the sink with a mild soap and lay it flat to dry. Also, you can take a soft cloth and polish the larger crystals.  The crystals will show finger prints and it can dull the sparkle.  

The stones used in your earrings are delicate.  Put them back in the earring box after you finish wearing them so they are protected.   

 How to wear the Hair accessories that don't have combs.

Simply bobby pined to your hair, and if there a piece that is designed to be on your forehead, a little eyelash glue will hold it to your skin.  (If you have an ANY issues/allergies to eyelash glue do not use this method)  These are the bobby pins that should be used


Sizing for chokers and bracelets
Bracelets and Chokers have sizes to choose from, so you will need to determine how you like your bracelets and chokers to fit. 
Do you like them to fit snug?  They stay where you put them, but aren't so tight that they bother you.  Or do you like them a little loose?  Bracelets will have some movement and chokers will fit low on the neck, because they slide to the base of your neck. 
If you have any latex allergies, please let us know.
Choker For example, if you have a 11 inch neck and would like to have the choker to fit loose push up to a larger size. Chokers are sized to fit snugly, if that will be uncomfortable choose the next larger size
Bracelets If you would like to have your bracelet fit a little loose push up a size. The bracelets have a rubbery background so they don't move that much.  If you want them to really move, you may want to consider a bangle or a set of bangles.